Albuplast Market Webshop Privacy Statement

Albuplast Műanyag-feldolgozó Zrt. (Registered seat: H-1097 Budapest, Vágóhíd utca 14-18., Co. reg. no.: 01-10-041395, hereinafter: Service Provider) guarantees that, to secure your privacy, its data management is in line with Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and the Freedom of Information (Info Act) and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce and information society services and other effective statutory regulations on data management.

Albuplast Zrt. treats recorded personal data confidentially, in compliance with privacy regulations and international recommendations, pursuant to this statement.

Albuplast Zrt. hereby informs website visitors of the personal data managed by it on the website and of its personal data management practices.


1. The purpose of data management


The purpose of data management in relation to the registration is to identify website visitors for the purposes of providing them services via the website, to document the provision of services and the adequacy of performance, to issue invoices in certain cases, to provide proof for the contracts concluded and to enforce claims arising from the contract.


2. Scope of managed data


2.1. Technical data:


When using the Website, the Service Provider automatically records, for technical reasons, the User’s IP address, the operating system and browser used by the User and other information. This data is regularly logged by the system but is not connected to the data provided in the course of registration or use. Only the Service Provider, and not the Users, may have access to this data.


The Service Provider may record the data of the internet sites from which the User navigated to the Website, as well as those that he/she visited on the Website, together with the date and time of the visit. The User identity and profile cannot be determined on the basis of this information.

The system identifies the computers of the Website’s visitors with the help of a cookie.

The Service Provider uses the above-mentioned information solely for the purpose of the technical operation of the Website and for statistical purposes.


3. Term of data management


The Service Provider keeps the invoicing data provided in the course of the order, pursuant to the provisions of GKM Decree 114/2007. (29 Dec) of the Ministry of Economy and Transportation on the rules of digital archiving, by the time limit of archiving stipulated in the effective accounting laws, and all other texts, images or voice data uploaded by the User for the term of the data retention service specified in the contract concluded between the User and the Service Provider pursuant to the GTC. The management of personal data that must be provided during registration starts with the registration and ends when the registration is deleted. In the case of data the provision of which is not obligatory, data management starts when the data is provided and ends when the given data is deleted. The User or the Service Provider may delete the registration at any time, in the cases and in the manner specified in the General Terms and Conditions.


4. Scope of persons to whom the data is disclosed, data transfer and data processing


The Service Provider and the internal employees of the Service Provider are primarily entitled to have access to the data; however, they shall not disclose it or make it available to third persons.

In respect of the operation of the IT system that the service is based on, as well as the fulfilment and the settlement of orders, the Service Provider may use the services of a data processor (e.g. system operator, shipping company, accountant).

Other than the above, the User’s personal data may be forwarded only when it is stipulated by law and/or with the User’s consent.


5. Data security


The Service provider shall duly take all necessary steps to guarantee the security of the personal data provided by Users, both with respect to network communication and data storage and safekeeping.

Access to personal data is strictly restricted in order to prevent unauthorised access to, unauthorised tempering with and unauthorised use of personal data.


6. User rights and enforcement of rights


The User may request information at any time about the User’s personal data managed by the Service Provider, and may modify it at any time through the Website or in an email sent to the Service Provider if it regards the company name. Furthermore, the User is entitled to request, through the contact channels specified herein, to have his/her data deleted.

The Service Provider, upon the User’s request, shall provide information about the User’s data managed by the Service Provider, the purpose, legal grounds and term of data management, as well as the about the entities that have received or may receive the data, as well as the purpose thereof. The Service Provider shall provide the requested information in writing, within 30 days of the submission of the request.


The persons concerned may exercise their right through the following contact channels:


Correspondence address:


Albuplast Műanyag-feldolgozó Zrt. 1097 Budapest, Vágóhíd utca 14-18.


Email address:

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Users may contact the Service provider’s employees, though the channels noted above, with any questions or comments they may have.

Users may request at any time the correction of their incorrectly entered data or the deletion of their data. Users themselves can correct certain data on the Website; in all other cases the Service Provider deletes the data within 3 working days of the receipt of the request; and in this case the data cannot be restored. Data that is stipulated by law (e.g. accounting regulations) will be kept by the Service Provider until the end of the required period.


If a User provides false, inadequate or old data in the course of registration to access the service, or data that is not his/her own or causes damage in any way in the course of using the Website, the Service Provider is entitled to enforce the damage sustained by or the claim enforced against it directly against the User. In this case the Service Provider shall provide all possible help to the proceeding authorities to identify the person that committed the unlawful activity.


Using email addresses

After registration, the Website management system sends an automatic message to the email address that was voluntarily provided by the user, and also sends newsletters upon the user’s request and with the user’s consent.


Miscellaneous provisions

The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Privacy Statement by notifying the Users in advance. After the modification takes effect, the User accepts the modified Data Management Statement through implicit conduct, that is, by using the service.